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The Shining Lights
 is a team on BFIS.  Its team captain is Lamp.

The name came from the fact that Lamp shines light, and some team members are electric.


Contestant Gender Rank on team Rank voted off Episode
Carrot Male 10th 19th Z Dodgeball Ultimate
Dodecahedron Male 9th 18th Creating Comfort
Eggy Male 8th 17th Creating Comfort
Alarm Clock Male TBA TBA TBA
Bowling Ball Male TBA TBA TBA
Brownie Female TBA TBA TBA
Camera Female TBA TBA TBA
Computery Male TBA TBA TBA
Lamp Female TBA TBA TBA
Lemonade Female TBA TBA TBA

Current MembersEdit


Don't Capsize!Edit

This team lost the challenge, but Lemonade won immunity.

Z Dodgeball UltimateEdit

This team lost the challenge, but Lamp won immunity.

Creating ComfortEdit

The team won the challenge.

Time to RhymeEdit

The team won this challenge too.

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