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Mozzarella (warning: not in BFIS)
Gender Female
Species Mozzarella Stick
Age 13
Color Tan
Mozzarella is a contestant of BFAS.  She's mean.


  • In the first elimination of BFAS, she and Infinity are the bottom two and their vote numbers are so close.  After reading the numbers Infinity is eliminated.  Nintendo-Ultimate remarks that the rage between Mozzarella and Infinity switched hands twice.  In the second elimination, her team's immune because they won.  In the third elimination, she was eliminated.

A Weird Thing

Funnel Cake was very nice, having to do with the deliciousness of funnel cakes.  But mozzarella sticks are also delicious; why isn't the same true for Mozzarella?  Probably because mozzarella sticks come out with very hot insides.

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