*Meanwhile.... At the Sky of Elimination.. or Whatever*

Radio: I wanna rejoin!!! It's all BS's fault.

Everyone Else: Yeah.

Bugspray: Oh.... I hope I'll don't get eliminated.

Sunscreen: Wait, Aren't you on the BG's?

Bugspray: Yeah. But postitnote2468 moved me to Lamp's team.

Nintendo: Cookie Station Time!

*CST Theme*

Nintendo: OK, We got 507 votes, The most one ever!!! We got Raspberry Cookies. Bowling Ball is safe at 7 votes. Camera is safe at 50 votes. Alarm Clock is safe at 20 votes. Lamp is safe at 30 votes. Either Brownie or Bugspray will be out. Bugspray got.......... 300 votes! She's out, While Brownie is safe at 100.

*Elimination tube surrounds around Bugspray*

Bugspray: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo: Your challenge is to build a marble race.

*1 hour later*

Nintendo: Done! BG's Your marble race is....... A loop-de-loop. 10/10. SL's Your Marble race is............. A pile of poo? -100/10.

Bowling ball: good job lamp you cost us the challenge

Nintendo: Viewers, Vote for someone to rejoin the game. While the contestants vote for a shining light to be voted off. Voting ends: April 21st, 2017. VOTE LAMP!!!!!!

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