Dodecahedron Nov2014
Voiced by: Nicholas McConnell
Gender Male
Species Dodecahedron
Age 12
Team Shining Lights
Episode eliminated Creating Comfort
Place 18th (92 votes)
Friends Alarm Clock, Bowling Ball, Lamp, Camera, Rubber, Radio, Mini Dodecahedron
Enemies Carrot
Color Green

Dodecahedron, labeled The Shaky (also known as The 12-Faced) is a male contestant on the Shining Lights.


He's not scared of people who are smarter than him.  Except, he worries too much, mostly when his team is up for elimination.


In What The Beam Determined, after Camera won rink for the 91st time, he said they should switch to Simon Says.  During the challenge, when Carrot kicks off him and Alarm Clock, he holds onto the beam and Alarm Clock.  After Carrot falls down, he complains that he can't hold on any longer and he and Alarm Clock fall.

In Don't Capsize!, he says "12-faced!" when he's chosen on a team.  Then during the challenge, he is tells that there's always a chance they'll win if they keep going without giving up.  In the epilogue he is retrieved from the water by Came Dodecahedron


In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, he complains about being eliminated.  Sure enough, he is in the bottom three, but is safe with 12 votes, and remarks that Carrot's elimination is the most whopping voting ever.  During the challenge, he laughs when Febreze complains the loss of Beach Glows.  When he throws a ball at Febreze, Febreze catches it and he gets out.  When Nintendo announces that the Beach Glows won, he sadly reacted "What?!"

In Creating Comfort, he complains about being eliminated again.  When Camera says they might win if they work harder, He notes that if they win, they'll be immune and the following challenge won't be physical.  During the elimination, when in the bottom two, he says he doesn't understand, and Lamp says he's probably a mathematical abstraction.  When he's eliminated, his friends are sad when he is lifted to the Sky of Losers.

In Time to Rhyme he was seen at the epilogue of the episode where he hopes that Alarm Clock and Bowling Ball are doing well, while Thread and Carrot are complaining about being in the Sky of Losers. When he says that Eggy is sleeping so Thread and Carrot had to tune down.


  • He's rude every now and then.
  • He's as smart as Bowling Ball, but not as strong.
  • Coincidentally, his age matches the number of faces he has.
  • He's the only male contestant who can think about many things at once.
  • He's originally armless in Battle for (Another) Sleep.