Computery Nov2014
Recommended by: Bfdibfdia bestfan

Owned by: Florence100-Sylveon

Introduced in: Episode 4 Voiced by: Nicholas McConnell

Gender Male
Species Computer (specifically a Laptop)
Age 14
Team Shining Lights
Episode eliminated Yet To Be Eliminated
Place TBA
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies Carrot, Thread
Color Gray and White

Sleeping Computery from Episode 3 (before Rubber trips over him by accident)


Computery joins on Shining Lights.

Computery, labeled The Mechanical High Level, is a contest on the Shining Lights. He debuts in Episode 4 due to Eggy's accidental elimination. In other words, He is the replacement of Eggy.



He is extremely funny because of his French accent.  His mechanics are on the BFIS high level. He is also the BFIS #1 Fan.


In Z Dodgeball Ultimate, he was seen sleeping when the RCs were displayed; and when Rubber tripped him over, that jerked him awake and he fell asleep again.

In Creating Comfort, he is first seen interrupting the elimination that lemon is his favorite cookie flavor.  Nintendo asks who he is.  He says he's a fan of BFIS, and a recommended character, and he asks if he can join.  Nintendo says no, and pushes him away.  After Eggy's eliminated by accident, when Nintendo says he really wants someone to join on the Shining Lights, Computery shows up again and Nintendo finally lets him in.  During the challenge, he walks up the stairs with Brownie on his keyboard, and when Camera asks everyone to help, he says he doesn't want to work in the dormitory.  He goes downstairs with Camera and Lemonade, and when he goes upstairs again, he works on making the beds.

In Time to Rhyme, he was seen asserting to Brownie that he knew what to do and she didn't, only to realize that she did know. He gives a friendly passage that doesn't rhyme and his team wins.

Trivia Edit

  • So far, he is the only contestant to never get a vote.
  • His owner is no longer bfdibestiefan.  And bfdibestiefan is no longer bfdibestiefan; he's xxsatanchuxx.
    BFAS Computery