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The official pose

CheesyBonb is a recommended character recommended by Jack Orange. He had a chance to debut in Time to Rhyme, but he only got 8 votes in Opposite Day... or Maybe Not! His old body was Cheesy's body from II II/II 2, but since it was too unoriginal, Jack Orange changed his body so it looked more unique. He is now 11 year old.


  • Nicholas got CheesyBonb incorrect in Episodes 3 and 5. Jack Orange said "half cheese, half lemonade", so he made CheesyBonb a Cheesy and a Lemonade as BFFs. He now see what he's supposed to be.
  • Jack Orange thought he recommended him as CheesyBomb.
  • His birthday is on Jack Orange's birthday.
  • He has 5 brothers named Swiss, Parmesan, Cheeser, Cheader Jack, and American. (he's twins with Cheader Jack)
  • His old body was stolen from Inanimate Insanity 2.
  • He will be 1 of the 14 new contestants in BFISR (Battle for Isle Sleep Reboot)



The CheesyBonb Change

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