The Beach Glows is a team on BFIS.  Its team captain is Candle.

The name came from the fact that Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball are in an alliance and are all beach-related.


Contestant Gender Rank on team Rank voted off Episode
Thread Female 10th 17th Time to Rhyme
Radio Male 9th 16th Opposite Day or Maybe Not
Beachball Female TBA TBA TBA
Bugspray Female TBA TBA TBA
Candle Female TBA TBA TBA
Febreze Male TBA TBA TBA
Napkin Male TBA TBA TBA
Rubber Male TBA TBA TBA
Sunscreen Female TBA TBA TBA
Churro Female TBA TBA TBA

Current MembersEdit


Don't Capsize!Edit

The challenge was won by this team.

Z Dodgeball UltimateEdit

This challenge was also won by this team.

Creating ComfortEdit

The team lost the challenge, but Napkin won immunity.

Time to RhymeEdit

The team lost the challenge, but Beachball won immunity.