BFIS Animation Contest is an animation contest involving Sunscreen, Bugspray and Napkin that started on January 26, 2014.  It is here to show other people's skills in animating a sleepy character.

It's kind of like:

  • Inanimate Insanity's Apple & Baseball audition
  • Object Twoniverse's Map & Ice Cream audition
  • Inanimate Insanity's "Test Tube Dare" contest


BFIS Audition00:30

BFIS Audition

TotalTurtleTaco's (the first one ever)

ANIMATING (and lip sync) CONTEST00:32

ANIMATING (and lip sync) CONTEST

Teh Best Fan of BFDI and BFDIA's (from Scratch)


Bugspray / Hey there!  Remember our plan for this morning?

Sunscreen / Yep, I sure do!

Bugspray / Then let's get started!

(Sunscreen leaves, then walks over to Napkin who's lying asleep)

Sunscreen / Hey, Napkin, wake up!

Napkin / *Yawn* Wha-?

Sunscreen / It's the best morning ever!

Napkin / Sorry, I don't do mornings...

Sunscreen / COME ON!

Napkin / Just lemme sleep...

Sunscreen / No!  You are following me, to see a whole garden of roses!

(Napkin stays asleep.  Sunscreen gets annoyed after a pause, then drags Napkin away with her arm)

Bugspray (runs over) / Sunscreen, come back!  You're not doing it correctly!


  • Would Sunscreen really be this annoying to Napkin?  Well, this is pretty much what Freida did to Snoopy for rabbit-chasing in the Peanuts.
  • I used Sunscreen and Bugspray for two reasons: (1) Their alliance is the most likely alliance to set up plans, like the one with the lemonade stand. (2) Febreze and Rubber would not wake Napkin like that!
  • Sunscreen does become kinda mean in the lateness of BFS.
  • "I don't do mornings" quotes a T-shirt with a kitten who doesn't want to wake up.  Actually, to be more specific, when Napkin said "I don't do mornings" he meant he would rather rise at 9:30 than 7:00.

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