A Funnel Argument-002:59

A Funnel Argument-0

BFIS - A Funnel Argument

(Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball are together)

Sunscreen / Hey girls!

Beachball / So, here's what I was thinking.  If we get an Everything Machine, we can throw a surprise next to Napkin whenever he's asleep, so he'll wake up happy!

Bugspray / But an Everything machine costs 25 dollars.  We don't have any money.

Sunscreen / But we can make some!  Let's set up a lemonade stand!

(Lemonade walks over)

Lemonade / Please, girls, I drank too much lemonade in the past.  How about funnel cakes?

Bugspray / What?  No way.  It's not eligible due to technical difficulties.

Lemonade / Funnel cakes are sooo wonderful!  You can sell them at a cost of $25, and you'll surely be paid right away!

Sunscreen / You know what, Lemonade, you can set up your own stand.  We're not following what you say.

Lemonade / Aww... (walks away)

(Title card: "Later..."*)

(Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball are at a $25 lemonade stand)

Beachball / There's no one here.  Are you sure this plan is working?

Sunscreen / You never know, Beachball.  Just wait, and someone may come eventually.

Bugspray / I doubt it... no one will buy lemonade at a cost of 25 dollars.

Sunscreen / Well, we are not selling funnel cakes.  We don't know where to find them!

(scene with Alarm Clock)

Alarm Clock / Girls, it's 2:30!  Time to sign in to Thoughts Club!

(back to stand scene)

Sunscreen / Coming, Alarm Clock!

(Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball walk away from the stand)

Rubber (sweating) / *pant* *pant* *pant* Boy, I'm thirsty.

(arrives at lemonade stand)

Rubber / What?  A lemonade stand with no one?  That's weird.  (pause)  I'm sure they won't mind if I just take a sip.

(jumps on lemonade pitcher and drinks the entire pitcher)

(falls down)

Rubber / That's better.  (walks away)

(Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball are walking back to the stand)

Sunscreen / Okay, girls, it's time to get back to - (sees the empty pitcher) Eugh-what?!  WHAT HAPPENED?!

Bugspray / Oh no, we forgot to guard our drink!

Beachball / That was the last of the lemonade from Candle's cooler!

Sunscreen / Aww no!  Our business is ruined!

(Lemonade walks by with Funnel Cakes)

Lemonade / What does ruined mean?

Bugspray / FUNNEL CAKES!

Lemonade / Yep, sell each pie at $25.

Bugspray / Wow... sorry for protesting your idea.  It's wonderful!

Sunscreen / Come on, work with us!

Lemonade / Yay!

(Title card: "Even later...")

(Sunscreen, Bugspray, Beachball and Lemonade are at a funnel cake stand)

Sunscreen / Look!  Someone's coming already!

(Febreze shows up)

Febreze / Hey there! (takes out $25 bill) May I please get a funnel cake to share with my friends?

Bugspray / No trouble.

($25 bill disappears)

(Beachball gives a pie to Febreze)

Beachball / Here you go!

Febreze / Thank you, girls! (leaves)

(Beachball smiles)

(Title card: "Then, at night...")

(Bugspray is holding an Everything Machine)

Sunscreen / Girls, be very quiet.  Napkin's asleep.

(Bugspray walks over to where Napkin is sleeping)

Bugspray / Now just press the button where an object will fall near him. (presses button)

(A piece of funnel cake comes from the machine and ends up next to Napkin)

(fast-forward transition to morning)

(Napkin wakes up and sits up)

Napkin / Huh?  What's this?  A piece of funnel cake?  For me?  Maybe I should save it for later...

(Title card: "Thank you for watching! :D")

(Title card: "Post in the comments if you think Sunscreen, Bugspray and Beachball will ever find out that Rubber was the criminal who ruined their business... and how they would find out!")

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